#Ferguson Problems: What it’s Like Living Nextdoor to Chaos

//by Leon Phany//

Ferguson is proximately close to my home. It’s a short drive up 55 until it becomes 70. Right before you hit the airport, you exit and then you’re suddenly in what newspeoples seem to believe resembles the Arromarches at D-Day.

I haven’t been up there lately. Maybe I’ll swing by on the way home. Here, twenty minutes away if I drive slow, we still shop at the supermarket. Drive around. Life proceeds as usual.

I was down at the protest rally today in Clayton. I arrived as it was ending, and everyone dispersed quickly. It was only about twelve people by this time. It was located at a short stretch of road that had been blocked off with five foot orange barriers. Last time they had planned the rally––one set for eleven and attended by a whole two hundred––the police and officials had overestimated and also set aside the parking lot for the assembly. So much space wasn’t needed, like Tyrion Lannister in a California King.

The last reporter there was a French reporter. He spoke to a camera with nobody behind him. He stood between the camera and windows of the Justice Center. Behind those windows sat a few police officers who really needed popcorn, sitting in those chairs that you find in a church gymnasium and arranged like a movie or play was about to begin. But with riot shields in front of them.

Apparently, they had had more to do earlier.

An individual had––according to different clerks and witnesses––made the mistake of expressing her support for police officers. She began a heated exchange with the crowd that I guess had been there at some point, and then she was escorted out by officers.

Now, I am most disappointed by the fact that Ferguson is a small town. It has this ordinance, 8.1.3, which allows for a referendum to recall any appointed or elected council member or elected mayor by a city election. Only five qualified voters need begin the process. A recall of the city council members who had a hand in the selection of this white police officer would be a simple solution.

Obviously, not the entire answer. But maybe a useful step in the right direction.

But that don’t make for good news.


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