A drone flown through July 4th fireworks.


Theatrics of war inverted, a stunt that signposts our passage through the looking glass, beyond which lies the soft & fuzzy era of drone friendliness.

Impressions of war always arrived emblematically on our western screens. The dreary access to gruesome imagery pushed us toward panic, once or twice. Ish.

We might’ve agitated for sweeping changes. Some regime shuffling was hinted at but ultimately nothing came of it.

Now the screen’s been flown through emblems of war, and boy are they pretty. Shock, awe, hearts, minds––all in one fell battery-operated swoop.

Drone friendlies ascending, so beginning our slumber tucked sweetly under the siren serenade of global war’s symphony.

Summer night’s breeze, LED’s twinkling high overhead, dark sky widens of all the humming. Floating first violins of death, surveillance, and free internet.

We’d be lost without our GPS, someone says in the distance.

Let’s grab a beer at the revolution, bro.


Sweet Drone Alabama

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