If You Touch A Hot Pot, or Sexual Harassment According to TalkRadio


Today I swiveled my radio dial to TalkRadio 790 KABC and caught a segment of morning talk:

More of your tales of being accused of sexual harassment coming up on the John Phillips show.

Fantastic. I settled into Mr Phillips’ broadcast frequency as he interviewed a small business owner who’d been ‘taken to the cleaners’ after firing one tenth of his staff. The slighted seven workers took him to court. One (conspicuously female) former employee then accused the owner of grabbing her butt as he walked past her in the courtroom. Her lawyers successfully fleeced him for $500k.

‘Of course there were no witnesses,’ grumbled Mr American Dream. Because, you know, surreptitious is neither a word nor a manner in which one might cop a feel.

The host issued some timely advice to all the lady listeners: ‘Women, listen up. This is how the people hiring think. If a company just paid out the nose for a sexual harassment suit, even if it was a fraudulent case, they’re still going to see a prospective woman employee as a liability. You’re putting good people out of work.’

Labor market analysis is free on this station.

Anecdotally supporting this picture, or rather this prison of harlotry built by women for women, the persecuted business owner recalled some workplace advice he received as a young man (presumably in the 1960’s):

Don’t even look at the women. Just smile and keep walking.

Fun fact, the popular propaganda-chic tee in those days read Keep Calm and Ignore Women. Mr Phillips dug deeper into his market analysis hole, even began to wax Hobbesian: ‘It’s just human nature. If you touch a hot pot and get burned, you’re not going to touch a hot pot again.’ Much like Jerry Springer’s final thought, only more oblivious and asinine.

Well yes indeed John Phillips, that is the takeaway: Don’t touch the hotpot. Don’t grab the hotpot’s butt. It’s not a disoriented damsel you see, she’s a human. Act like it.

Otherwise, catch the hotpot, it’s falling!


       Image: Roberto Ferri gallery

I know I know, chivalry is dead.


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