Who Has My Dream Job?

If I only read one non-work related article in my day, I hope it’s Matt Taibbi. My god I love this man. His latest post on his Rolling Stone blog kicks ass: Hey MSM: All Journalism is Advocacy Journalism.

A trusted advisor recently asked me to think about the question, “Who has my dream job?”

I have never had a clue because I’ve spent so much of my cognizant life thinking about “What?” questions than “Who?” questions. But since graduating from college I’ve learned that this is the game to play. Gradually, I’m figuring out how to ask “Who?” questions.

In the smoking section of Avalon nightclub a few months ago I found myself saying to a university buddy, “Just take your ability to learn what, and learn who!” But I haven’t put that realization into practice.

Strangely, Who has my dream job? is a very different question to ask yourself than What is my dream job? I’ll get to the bottom of that another time. So now that the question Who has my dream job? is on my mind, I’m enthusiastically putting Matt Taibbi on that list. That he has the Rolling Stone platform to broadcast his piercing, no-bullshit insights which resonate so much with my own, that is an awe-inspiring position to have reached. I have total respect for him and his career, which I’ll now dig deeper into understanding.

My favorite bits from his latest post:

As a journalist, when you start speaking about political power in the first person plural, it’s pretty much glue-factory time.

To the core of the ‘debate’ about ‘objectivity’ in reporting:

“Objectivity” is a fairy tale invented purely for the consumption of the credulous public, sort of like the Santa Claus myth. Obviously, journalists can strive to be balanced and objective, but that’s all it is, striving. 

And especially:

Who are these people to decide who’s a journalist and who isn’t? Is there anything more obnoxious than a priesthood?

Ah, yes, and here we are. Priesthood strikes right at the core of how society deals with esoteric knowledge structures. How is privileged knowledge derived? What claims to authority does it have, and how is that derived? This is the phenomena underlying the NSA spying news, the WikiLeaks program and everything related to the larger debate about Transparency. The deep threat of ‘transparency,’ or ‘anti-secrecy’ if you prefer, is that it demands to know just what exactly justifies the priesthoods, be they economic, political, media, or industrial priesthoods.

(If you know the artist please contact me.)


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